Destroying the southern wall Warlord of Chaos
One of the few self-cultivator who exist in this modern world; due to an unfortunate event, completely destroyed his body in an explosion. Using all his effort to save his primordial spirit, he ended up in an strange magical world and had to start all over again. From a fallen aristocrat to the Warlord of Chaos, this can no longer be summarise as legendary; this is the life of the God of War.
Miss_aayd She’s Her
Xi Ryu got a mission once he backed out his all credit card will froze. Help Ryu to find the person on his mission. Will he succeed? Help Xi Ryu to find ‘her’. Miss aayd_
Kenzou Monster Invasion
Monsters from another world invaded Earth. The Humanity fought back but suffered heavy casualties instead. They have only a small part of Earth to live. Before the humanity perishes, the Heaven gave them a chance. The humans began to evolve one after another and got strength to defend themselves. But one person evolved strangely. Ye Song woke up and saw the...

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