yungsern87 Abyss In London
Learn about Abyss Realm, a convergence of over a hundred parallel realm where everyone struggles to become take over a part of the Abyss Realm. Here, everything was made possible, as long the Chosen willing to pay this trade through Soul. But for Yuchen, this sudden changes of becoming a part of this lunacy weren't something he asked for. Although he was a poor bloke that came from a family that...
Feng Yin Zi Chen Dragon Martial Emperor
Description In the foreign world, the martial artists dominate the world and the sword of the emperor controls the fate of hundreds of millions of lives! Long Yu, the number one killer on Earth, after dying, takes rebirth in this new world in an aristocratic family of martial artists but faces rejection because he is unable to practice martial arts.
Heaven's White Crane Immortal Path to Heaven
"Master Ouyang, please smith a divine weapon for me!" "Master Ouyang, you're the only person who can forge a weapon with seven attributes. Please make my dream come true!" "Master Ouyang, could you..." "Ouyang my *ss! My surname is Ou!" Ou Yangming was an orphan who was adopted by a reputable old blacksmith from a military camp. After working as a helper under the old man for years, he was given...

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